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: the fbi has been called in after a break-in at the twin peaks radio tower. we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: some of the city's radio stations are actually broadcasting from these twin towers atop continue peaks but at it also a spot where city police and fire are dispatched from as well, and that was the immediate concern when city crews realized shrub made it -- realized someone made into it the fence. >> mostvisionors are not aware of the towers but among the morning tourist crowding the peakses were a half dozen police investigators and an fbi agent. >> because this is part of the city's communication network, the fbi was notified of the incident. they did respond with investigators and the police department is handling the investigation. >> a small portion of the chain-link fence was snipped open. cables were cut in the compound but vandals did not make it inside the building so the damage wag limit. >> all of the vital services we provide to the city were not impacted as relates to public safety. >> reporter: this is one of the broadcast points for po
communications facility on twin peaks. someone broke into that facility and cut several wires this morning. it did not impact any essential city services but since the facility is part of the city's radio network, the fbi was notified. and anyone with information on the case of vandalism is asked to call the police department's anonymous tip line. that number is 415-575-4444. you can also text a tip to tip411 with a message starting with sfpd. >>> in oakland, people are gathering near lake view elementary school right now, vowing to continue their fight to keep that school open. and these are some live pictures of the protests getting started right now across the street from the school. the organizers are the same people who staged the sit-in at the school earlier this summer themselves camped out in tents for weeks and even entered the building where they held their own summer school. the protesters are demanding the oakland school district stop plans to close five elementary schools including lake view. the superintendent tony smith has said in the past, the decision is final and can't b
the twin delta plan will cost to build and maintain that the initial estimate is $14 billion and will be paid for by water users. and not the bay area's mistake and according to water directors to use a different matter than the rest of us. in terms of the state water projects southern california starts at the delta. and so were part of southern california. and many more reliable water system that isn't at the mercy of tells the levees and state regulatory a result and will provide customers is not about the others it's about us. we cannot maintain their current s quality of life here describe, or we have a highet population of an imported water. people living in fremont and newark kenyan city dublin pleasanton livermore and all 15 cities in santa clara county. about 40 percent of the santa clara water district's water comes from the delta of surrey nearly 2 million people expect to see monthly water bills go up $5 a month in alimony county's own seven letter will be attending a monthly hike. >>> what to think about that? the what all the other bills and have this kind of ro
story out of new york, a pair of twins born along two separate freeways. the ander sorn twins couldn't wait for dad to drive them to the hospital so they were delivered on the side of the road. rescue crews delivered one with mom on a stretcher. they pulled over on the freeway to deliver baby two on the ambulance. both babies and mom are doing just fine. >> the ones not doing fine are the rescue crews. they deserve a drink. >> very successful, both babies are healthy. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at 6:00. >>> on our broadcast tonight from london murder charges against that suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre. later they will decide if he's sane. the death penalty is a possibility. >>> mitt romney now in poland but it's what he said about israel that followed him there. >>> and here at the olympics when a woman starts swimming faster times than ryan lochte, people start asking questions. well, she is and they are. >>> plus, up close and personal with ryan lochte. tonight he shows us what it took to get here. "nightly news" from london to get here. "nigh
of july at the ballpark. in detroit, prince fielder got the tigers going against the twins. a single that drove in two runs. cabrera went three for three with two home runs and three rbi and justin verlander making his case for starting the allstar game, his fifth complete game. tigers 5, twins 1. on the south side of chicago, rival kevin youkilis making white sox fans happy again last night. a diving stop to nail adrian beltran and then an rbi hit to left in the tenth inning. sox with a walk-off win 5-4. in washington, not only did thomas jefferson win the fourth of july president's race waving the flag all the way, but the nationals and red, white and blue beat the visiting giants behind back-to-back homers behind zimmerman and morris. >>> another two-run shot. final nats 9, giants 4. after eight seasons with the phoenix suns trying to beat kobe bryant and the lakers, free agent steve nash is joining him. the point guard signed a three-year, $27 million contract with the lakers. nash was second in the nba in assists last season and averaged almost 13 points a game. at wimbledon, to
as well as emergency services rely on radio transmissions from twin peaks. those transmissions were not interrupted but the fbi was notified because the vandalism was tied to the cities emergency communication system. >>> some families in oakland are not giving up their fight againstth districts decision to close elementary schools. yesterday parents protested at a park across from lake view elementary school. that is one of five schools shut down by the oakland school district because of declining enrollment. >> the board is losing power every day and we are gaining power. >> how? >> through the community support. the people are sick and tired of what is going on in this district in this nation and they are ready to stand up. >> earlier this month police cleared out parents that occupied lake view elementary school for 18 days to protest its closure. >>> the napa alternative mothers group plans to protest the treatment of a breast feeding mother at a social security office. they say a guard told the mother she could not breast feed at the federal facility and asked her to step outs
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session detects welds. and twin odometers let crews know where to dig later, pg&e will pick up a line on friday and this cost is $1.5 million. >> over time, this ability modifications as we make launchers and receivers require expenses and that is a discussion that it will be had with the cpuc in terms of how ultimately those modifications and improvements get paid for. >> pg&e is working with fire agencies, milpitas fire chief said he welcomes this technology but is mess sured in whether he thinks it will lead to greater safety and confidence. >> as we know with levels of technology we need to take the baby steps and we need to ensure that the data is analyzed correctly. >> pg&e will spend $10 million to scan 206 miles of pipeline this year, that is only a fraction of the 1200 miles in the network. >> thank you. >> and there is sandhya patel with the accuweather update. >> and i hope you're ready for heat. because things are about to get uncomfortable here. this is july and this evening, foggy at the coast. upper 50s to upper 70s there is hot conditions inland. you can see temperatur
told you about the mother diagnosed with the flesh eating bacteria days after giving birth to twins. she's undergone 20 surgical procedures. this morning she'll open up about her recovery for the first time in an exclusive live interview. >>> the blame game in london. who pulled the plug on concert performance by music legend bruce springsteen and paul mccartney. you just don't do that. the story in a minute. >>> we begin with the return of the brutal heat. the weather channel's stephanie abrams in for al this morning. >> good morning. we'll talk more about the heat in just a minute. but first i want to take you into houston and talk more about the lightning strike that killed two during a soccer game and injured another. they were taking shelter under a tree, the absolute worst spot you can be because lightning will go to the highest point. one man died at the scene, a second taken to the hospital, a third treated for burns. >>> the temperatures, the plains, midwest all the way to the northeast, we will see the 90s. we will see the triple digit readings yet again, all thanks to a b
this commotion during the rangers and twins day. >>> and we managed to finish on a cool note, be prepared for changes, pleasantton, getting into the low 90s. by the middle part of the week, 100 degrees, the full forecast is coming up in just moments [ horn honks ] ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. galiardi. >>> extreme weather in texas tonight as lightning struck dangerously close to rangers ballpark in arlington, there as you saw the runners running for cover. the cameras went black for a moment as the loud crack went through the stadium during the rangers-twins game today. the officials say it was most likely caused by an electrical surge, the game was temporarily delayed. they were kind of scared. >>> and today, storms in texas and new mexico, in the area, flying debris killed a 28-year-old woman sitting in her car in a grocery store parking lot. >>> and in new jersey, a woman is in critical condition after being
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will attend a barrel their father was killed when his twin-engine can ship went down during the vietnam war. five other men were inside the remains of five buried inside a single coffin. large numbers of starving pelican's turned up on california impeaches what life experts are doing their best to save them another pelican was delivered to what rescue this afternoon anne mackovic tells us the growing number of birds in distressed is taxing rescue workers. >>> and an ocean bird purgatory 40 mi. from the coast and these are the lucky ones injured by fishing lines are unable to find food are brought here to international bird rescue in court yet. >>> five years ago 25 pelicans and appear per year, they have seen 95 this year and 40¢ july 1st most are babies. >>> we are seeing they're begging food from people they are starving. >>> pelicans recently moved off the endangered species last bird experts think this could be survival of the fittest. >>> the common with other injuries, fractures or fishing " injuries that have to have surgery which is a big expense >>> each pelican need 7 lbs. of fis
the twins 7-1 in the fifth. serena williams just two wins from defending her title at the bank of the west classic shall be an action tonight at stanford. this afternoon semifinals but koko vanna white lost a qualifier she gets in a big serve, she wins the first set 6- 2, to the third set here's the 20 year-old the biggest match of her career, less go to match point, the niece of former nba player and kiki vanna white place for her first title tomorrow. >>> david lee keeping an eye on his young warrior teammates in the summer league. the first-round pick knows what to do with that 13 points and four steals for him. the other first rounder crashes the boards. this is like schoolyard. he get 17 points and charles jacobs takes over the second half. the warriors when that 95-74. the raiders have reached a contract with their safety the deal is for four years according to cbs sports the deal was worth $26 million palance 17 million guaranteed. raiders but the franchise tax on branch. he spent the leading tackler for the last couple seasons. at the u.s. senior open, lance 10 broke was the leader
way across the span but so far we're accident free. >> time for the play of the day with the twins orioles in baltimore. ben rivera ketches a diving grab, he hauls in and look it is our eyes, their wide open as the ball falls into the glove. it saved a couple of runs from scoring but it didn't matter because the twins clobbered the orioles by 19-7. >> president and the first lady got a little bit frisky watching a basketball game last night. >> this was in washington yesterday, the first time the president shied away, prompting boos from the crowd but just as the reporters were brought into the arena they were back on the big screen and the president made his big move. they were accompanied by their daughters and joe biden. >> it is 526, we have a big problem in london, >> of round-the-clock surveillance on muni. >> a fire spokeswoman says it was a pop left unattended on a stove that started a fire. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. >>
and twins were delayed. and during the delay a twin's player tweeted that is the loudest noise i ever heard. i thought jesus was coming. that was really loud. >>> let's turn to our chief meteorologist bill martin, we are in for a warm up. >> yeah. we will heat up. temperatures warmed up today. mid-90s. almost triple digits tomorrow and wednesday we will see triple digits. a spare the air day tomorrow. we will see one on wednesday. the fog already responding to the high pressure that is building in. fog that is compressed against the coast. it fills in along the coast. visibilities will get low tonight. the fog is not coming up over the hills, not cooling the valleys and that means tomorrow will be a warmer day, especially inland. high pressure compresses, takes the fog and pinches it down against the coastal hills. the cooling influencesfluences can't get up into the valley. that means poor visibilities along highway 1 and drizzle possible. fog along the coast tonight. same for tomorrow, wednesday. it will be hot inland tomorrow and hotter wednesday. the classic summer pattern continues int
analysis of the twin pillars of the criminal law which are retribution and deterrence. the court makes the judgment that low i.q. means that you're less responsible and less likely able to be deterred. so the twin pillars of the criminal law don't really apply. but i'm not sure that the psychologists who do psychological testing and i.q. or the neuroscientists have really connected up the constitutional reasons why because it may be that they're substructures of i.q. that are more relevant to the eighth amendment question. it's not a general i.q. score that is ultimately relevant. in fact, the california supreme court has dealt with exactly that question of what subscales might be constitutional relevant rather than the global i.q. score. >> one question here which i think is very interesting. in my community, we strongly feel that diet plays a strong diagnosis of the violence we see, the intake of sugar which is heavily consumed is a factor. what is your take on that? >> diet certainly plays a role in controlling and behavior. you know, i'm not that familiar with all of the different
's are putting together their second straight win over the minnesota twins. a's jumped on twins starter debrees for four runs in the 1st inning. this homer by cris carter went way out to left. two more in the third. that's number 10 on the year for him. two-run shot. a's leading 8-2 right now in the 7th inning. >>> romanian seriousy is the woman who tonight as the task of trying to upset serena williams in the semifinals of the bank of the west tournament at stanford. other semifinals played this afternoon, not an enjoyable experience for wickmeyer of belgium. her opponent was cocoa vanned away, with the winner in the far court. took three sets, but vandaway was the winner when wickmeyer double faulted. . >>> the raiders and safety branch have until -- had, that is, until monday to reach an agreement on a long-term contract after branch was named franchise player back in may. according to reports tonight, that got done to the tune of four years. branch had just one interception last year and one sack, and was the raiders leading tackler. being counted on next year. >>> for the second day in a r
bridge and trying to get up over twin peeks. later on, it will get over twin peeks. sot forecast model for fog tomorrow morning, look at that push. right in the gap. you have fog pushing and beyond. you have fog through the san bruno gap. i don't know if it will get that far, but that's all you need to kill the spare the air day. that goes away tomorrow. the high fire danger goes down and temperatures trend down. then the afternoon you'll see that cool bite. that's the afternoon forecast high. temperatures in the bay area significantly cooler. you'll notice it tomorrow. the marine layer is stretching out. that helps air quality and cools things off. the marine layer doesn't say stretched out tomorrow, it stays stretched out for a few days. i think we'll see the marine layer into next week. it's deeper than average. inland temperature, i don't see that much heat coming our way. it will warm up on sunday. 77 in san mateo. five-day forecast, there it is. i warm it up on sunday. monday, it cools down into tuesday. >> thank you, bill. >>> a ground breaking bay area journalist receives spec
hand in hand for success in this country. >> wait a minute. who are you? you are the evil twin. a little less gay, but still the evil twin. >> i have a confession to make. i was wearing a silly shirt and doing a funny voice. >> what is your point? >> the government does nothing but thwart success. >> oh come on. >> success is the ability to go from failure to failure. >> you cannot live on that. >> the government does nothing but take away jobs by getting in our way. the only way to create wealth in jobs is to be independent -- >> you know anybody on unemployment? >> you talk to a guy who planted trees in northern canada, a bike messenger in montreal. i have done nothing but work my ass off. >> and a gay stripper. >> you sit there and say the government does no good at all and has no business, you have no credibility because you can't say it is all government and no business. >> every time the -- >> the government does no good ever, no government ever? the history of man kind has done no good. >> so it takes half of our money. >> what do you want government to do? >> a man in t
of californians. backers of the twin tunnels and water will enter the new tis tim -- is tim before reaching the delta. opponents fear it will hurt the environment. coming up how this has put governor brown at odds with another heavy weight. >> and san francisco has a first ever two year budget in place and it's a balanced one. he signed a $7 billion spending plan this morning. signs good thanks to increased revenues. the city closed a $263 million deficit and increased funding for services and police and fire will be able to hire more personnel and supervisors say it makes them think long term. >> it allows them to say what do we think it's going to look like? and i think the city does that successfully in this budget for the first time by putting funding into our reserves. >> there are $30 million going into the city reserves. kblinls more set aside. >> that is a good budget news for a change. >> it's rare. >> yes. and let's check on the forecast now. >> there is spencer christian here with that for us. >> another mainly sunny day. there are clouds gathering and lurking near the coast. so
twins, the team hit four home runs on their way to victory. the a's won nine to four. the two teams face off in oakland this week. we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning news on this monday morning. we will talk about the planned protest to shut down muni and what this could mean for your morning commute. [music] >> mark: the heat and light is coming you may want to add some extra time to your day--muni writers, you may want to add some extra time to your commute this morning. there is scheduled--and there is a protest keppel >> darya: first let us take a look at traffic and weather. >> james: it should not be too bad today although will be cooler. >> erica: traffic is looking well and there is a smooth and easy ride on 101 south bound. >> mark: supporters of kenneth harding said it when to shut down you need to mark the one-year anniversary of his death. >> reporter: the protest is scheduled for one hour from now, the region his supporters want to be out here because it involved muni. at the time he died, he was running from police officers over a $2 muni ticket. now he was down i
. before the contest, one gomes got an autograph from twins and angels great rod carew. chris carter goes deep to left for his fourth homer in the season. then in the third, cespedes drills to right center and gone. his tenth of the year, first to right field. even when things go wrong for oak leak they go right. span puts down a perfect bunt. suzuki throws the ball into right field but brandon moss comes to the rescue and throws a blitz to second and span is out. seth smeght with a monster blast into the second deck. top seventh, oakland leads 8-2. >> the giants are hosting the astros. tim lincecum is on the mound. if he has another rough outing he will likely lose his spot in the rotation. so far so good. in the second there's no score. >> the "associated press" is reporting the raiders and safety tiety von everyone have agreed to a deal with $26 million, 17 million is game team. fourth round peek in 2008, branch has been one of the few reliable players on the secondary, starting every game the last three seasons and led the raiders in tackles for two years. >> new 49ers quarterback and
are getting attention with regards to the proposed 35 mi. long twin tunnels said to pump fresh water from the delta to the san joaquin and central valleys, eventually into southern california. governor jerry brown says that the pump is a necessity for california's delta problems however congressman john garamendi has been fighting the proposal saying that it could dry up northern california. >> the help the delta ecosystem and a reliable water supply are profoundly important to california's future. this proposal balances the concerns of those who live and work on the delta, those who rely on it for water, and those who appreciate its beauty, its fish, waterfowl, and water life. >> the delta it needs help but this proposal calls for both to take water out of the delta and to take water from around the delta. but there's absolutely nothing in this about protecting the delta levees. >> you may recall that back in 2000 there was a problem when they were starting to divert water from the delta, affecting the salmon population also affecting a billion dollar industry here in california. this pr
the twins six to 38 j griffin with his worst career win. true breeze with this skid camp of the didn't have a long-term deal will be all smiles next week because this seems resigned to a five-year $100 billion deal mark jackson and his the in vegas for the where is opener. his first-round hectares and barns in its 23 warriors blew up the lakers' 91 to 50 and i like some of that. ,,,,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 292 (some duplicates have been removed)

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